Dick’s Sporting Goods Destroyed Its Inventory of AR-15s


Assault weapons are for soldiers.

This is not another decision being handed down by a hapless and corrupt government. And it’s not a debate. It’s action being taken by conscious CEOs like Ed Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

According to the local CBS station in Pittsburgh, it was just after the Sandy Hook attack that Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack made the decision to pull AR-15 assault rifles off the stores’ shelves.

He details the decision in his new book, It’s How We Play The Game, which was released on Tuesday.

Stack not only ordered the AR-15 off the shelves. He had all $5-million dollars worth destroyed — scrapped.

“I said, ‘you know, what if we really think these things should be off the street, then we need to destroy them.’”

Dick’s still sells lots of guns and ammo today, but that could also change in the near future.

Stack said, “We’ve got the whole category under strategic review to see what we’re going to do with this category.”

In related news, Colt recently announced that it will stop selling AR-15s to the civilian market.

Colt holds the trademark to the name AR-15, having bought it from the original manufacturer, ArmaLite. But many other gunmakers produce similar AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles. The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are now about 16 million AR-15s or similar models in the hands of American civilians.

Colt’s decision and Dick’s decision may seem like small steps in a massive battle to ensure public safety. These are small steps, but given that the federal government is unwilling and incapable of providing for public safety, I’m happy to see someone in corporate America step up and do something.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Destroyed Its Inventory of AR-15s