Amit Shah blames ex-PM Nehru for PoK’s existence


Home Minister Amit Shah
said that the three dynastic parties in Jammu and Kashmir have been
fearing ever since the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi came
to power the second time and these parties would be wiped out

Shah who was in Mumbai on Sunday to hold meetings
and oversee the campaign of the BJP in Maharashtra assembly polls
devoted a large part of his speech on Jammu and Kashmir and Article 370
and said that the Congress and Nationalist Congress Party would have to
answer as to why they have opposed the abrogation of Article 370.

one thought that Article 370 and Article 35A would be removed so simply
by the Prime Minister. He has given a voice to the entire
country..Congress leader Ghulab Nabi Azad asked us how would abrogation
of Article 370 help the integration of Kashmir with India… I want to
tell him that we never used to say Bengal is ours or Maharashtra is part
of our country. We had to frequently say that about J and Kashmir
because of Article 370.”said Shah.

Home Minister slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for claiming that
Article 370 is a political issue saying, “You have come today in
politics, our three generations have never shied away from sacrificing
on the issue and for us it is a issue of nationalism not politics.”said

Shah criticised former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for
mishandling the Kashmir issue saying, “ Iron Man Sardar Vallabhai Patel
had the responsibility of amalgamating more than 300 princely states in
to the country, he did it. The only state where he was not looking in
was Jammu and Kashmir it was being handled with Nehru…. He mishandled it
by declaring a ceasefire suddenly and going to the UN. The Pakistan
Occupied Kashmir issue today is there because of him.”said the Home

Slamming the Congress he said, “40,000 people have died
in Kashmir and these guys are questioning what would you achieve by
removing Article 370 from Kashmir. We would soon be able to rid the
state from terrorism.

Talking about the peaceful conditions in
Kashmir, Shah said, “Whenever Article 370 was being discussed, the
Congress would warn about bloods flowing, today there is not even one
death, not one bullet fired there. Who are you (Congress) trying to
scare and why. Kashmiris are peacefully going about their daily
activities. There is no curfew, 97 % landlines and 67% cell phones are
working, there is no curfew.”said Shah.

The Home Minister
described the politics practiced by Congress and parties like the NCP as
‘shameless’ and said that they talk of dilution of atrocity rights but
did not raise a voice when there was no atrocity act in Kashmir and
Dalits were being discriminated against.

“ They frequently keep talking about Ambedkar but don’t bother about Dalits and OBC’s not getting their rights in Kashmir.”

Home Minister said that the dynastic parties in Jammu and Kashmir had a
vested interest in ensuring that Article 370 was not abrogated. “There
was no Anti Corruption Bureau in Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian
government has spent more than 2 lakh crore in the state but it has not
reached the people as three political families in Kashmir ensured that
it did not reach the beneficiaries.”said Shah.

The Home Minister
also said that Kashmiri under age girls who were being married off
before they turned 18 will also become safer after Article 370 and
thousands of girls would benefit.

Shah said that the dynastic parties would be wiped out politically due to the move to abrogate Article 370.

Home Minister said that Article 370 would be an election issue in
Maharashtra and the Congress and NCP would suffer due to their
opposition to the abrogation of Article 370.


Amit Shah blames ex-PM Nehru for PoK’s existence