Cyclist Gets Hit By Taxi, Ends Up Hitting The Tarmac After Running Red Light


Running a red light is a huge no-no and that applies to everyone: car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and, yes, even pedestrians.

Not only is intentionally running a red light stupid and puts you at risk of getting a fine if there are cameras or cops nearby, it can also be incredibly dangerous for both yourself and other road users. This cyclist found out the hard way what happens when you ignore that rule.

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The following video was filmed from the helmet camera of a motorcyclist sitting at the intersection. Approximately 50 feet ahead of him, a cyclist can be seen waiting for a clearing in traffic before moseying on through the intersection despite a red light being obviously on. A white van sees the cyclist and makes way for him, but a black taxi next to it did not until it was too late.

Neither the cyclist nor the taxi driver were going fast. Nevertheless, the impact was forceful enough to send the cyclist onto the hood of the car before bouncing off it and somersaulting onto the pavement. The cyclist doesn’t appear to have been wearing a helmet and can be seen holding his face after the crash. He’s lucky to have not been knocked out after hitting his head on the road.

Here’s hoping that a. the red-light runner didn’t suffer anything serious, like a concussion (or worse…), and b. the taxi driver had a dashcam that shows the cyclist crossing through the intersection illegally to ensure he doesn’t cop the blame for the crash.


Cyclist Gets Hit By Taxi, Ends Up Hitting The Tarmac After Running Red Light