Top 6 Android 10 features you must know about


Google’s latest Android 10 operating system landed in its Pixel phones earlier this month. Aside from no longer associating with salient dessert names, Android 10 brings six new features that you need to know right now.

Smart reply everywhere

Note: not actually from Bill Gates.

Google’s Smart Reply feature arrives for popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Signal. Smart Reply suggests responses by analyzing the incoming text message’s content, which the user can select with one tap. Its utility extends beyond communication; when it detects an address, it can provide a shortcut to open it in map services.

Later this year, Google will be bringing far more advanced local AI to Pixel phones. At its February Google I/O event, Google said it’s looking to compress 100GB of speech recognition data into just 500MB and store it on users’ phones.

Top 6 Android 10 features you must know about