It’s Not Stock, It’s Shutterstock (Which Means, It Is Stock)


Stock images are hard to “own.” That’s because anyone can buy them and render your singular look obsolete in a few keystrokes.

Nevertheless, creative teams are tasked with tight production schedules and shallow budgets, which forces their mouse hands.

There’s Stock, And There’s Shutterstock

Shutterstock claims to know that “creative professionals are busy, but they never let their standards slip.”

Seems like an outrageous claim that the brand can’t back up. But hey, cute puppies!

Here’s more from the brand: “Through content and technology, we help businesses of all sizes be more creative. That’s why it’s not stock, it’s Shutterstock.”

Search “Strange Things” On Shutterstock

Ahead of the third season of the Netflix series Stranger Things, Shutterstock pulled from its own massive library of clips, imagery,  and music to create the following promo.

This is the fourth video the company has released supporting its newly launched “It’s Not Stock” campaign.

Here’s another from the campaign:

And another:

The copy is not particularly inventive. Or accurate. But the photos and music work well together. And when designers need a workable image or series of moving images by end of business today, they can rely on Shutterstock, because they’re not dealing in stock, but rather, get-me-out-of-this-jam stock.

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It’s Not Stock, It’s Shutterstock (Which Means, It Is Stock)