Experimental “Power BEV” 5 Series achieves 100+ hp more power than the M5



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Could be an interesting combination to make an M car, inline 6 up front, and two electric motors at each wheel to add AWD, could produce some good results

Which wheels do you envision being powered by each of those power sources? If the ICE is up front then the electric motors are out back, correct? So you either have the ICE powering the front wheels and the electric motors powering the rear wheels (like the Active Tourer and Grand Tourer models, neither of which are M-like), or you have some convoluted driveshaft system transferring power from the ICE up front to the rear wheels, and from the electric motors out back to the front wheels.

Assuming you didn’t envision the ICE up front powering the rear wheels and the electric motors also somehow up front powering the front wheels (which I imagine would be a packaging problem, and certainly not ideal for weight distribution), and you don’t want to just go full electric with three or four electric motors and no ICE, then the most logical layout for the car would be to mount the ICE mid or rear, and put the electric motors up front. You could even put two motors up front for the front wheels, plus a third electric motor between the ICE and transmission for the rear wheels.

Basically, you’d have the i8 M that everyone wanted BMW to build, and they finally sort of did with the M Next concept.

Experimental “Power BEV” 5 Series achieves 100+ hp more power than the M5