Brake Failure Led To This Car Rolling Away And Splashing In A Pool Of Water


While this may look like a classic case of pressing the accelerator pedal instead of the brake, many claim the woman behind the wheel of this car is screaming in Russian that her brakes don’t work.

Now, why that is remains a mystery, especially since the car was already being serviced. Could the mechanics have made a mistake? We certainly can’t rule that out – but at least one of them seems concerned with what is happening.

We can think of at least three different ways to stop this car from rolling down that first embankment, although at the same time, can we really blame the driver for not thinking on her feet during such a time-sensitive crisis? Besides, when something takes you completely by surprise, it’s that much harder to act in the proper manner, especially if you only have seconds to spare.

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That being said, it would have obviously been ideal if she applied the hand brake straight away. Another solution would have been to stick the car in gear and accelerate forward, or at least leave it in gear in order to stall the engine. Last, but not least, she could have tried steering the car to safety (in any other direction), although to be fair, there was very little room/time for that.

In the end, the car ends up in what looks like a small pool of water, though it was actually deep enough so as to partially submerge the vehicle.


Brake Failure Led To This Car Rolling Away And Splashing In A Pool Of Water