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Children are the future custodians of
Planet Earth and as responsible parents, one of the first lessons you need to
teach them is the importance of conservation. Spending time at summer camps
immerses your kids in a natural world that nurtures them mentally,
psychologically, and physically. Many two or three-day summer getaways for kids
are specially organized to teach children about the wonders of plants, trees,
small animals, insects, and other creatures.

Like the camp organizers at the Grace Church Houston advise, giving young people the opportunity to appreciate the cycle of life and how we are all part of a beautifully balanced environ can be an enlightening experience. Side by side, kids learn to respect nature and make a spiritual connection that can enrich their lives.

Camps Encourage Curiosity

Children learn a lot by asking questions and finding things by exploring on their own. Summer camps act as secure environments where questions are encouraged. They have outdoor sessions taken by trained educators who can provide detailed answers. Camps also have environmentalists who teach kids everything they want to know about nature as this article on Quick and Dirty Tips explains. How do plants grow, the life cycle of butterflies, harvesting fruits and vegetables, processing them into edible food, caring for farm animals, and identifying birds are only some of the other exciting things children understand. Sharing information and talking about the particular things that interest them adds self-esteem and the ability to open up.

Camps Pull Kids Out of their Digital Environment

The modern-day child is surrounded by digital devices like TV, tablets, computers, and cellphones. Sign your kids up for a stay at a camp and you’ll give them a break from gadgets. Most parents are well aware of how devices are harming their kids, but they probably don’t understand the full extent of the damage. Check out this feature on the Parenting magazine that talks about ill effects like impaired cognitive and physical development, a raised risk of obesity, difficulty in forming healthy relationships, poor communication skills, exposure to radiation, and problems like weakened eyesight and strained neck and back muscles.

Running about in open gardens and fields, fishing, going on hiking trips, discovering rocks, feathers, and tree branches and roots, and learning skills like gardening and animal rearing are only a few of the many activities included in the stay. These experiences can have the effect of widening a child’s perspective and revealing a wonderful new world that isn’t restricted to digital screens. When your children return home, you’ll see a significant change in them with more interest in the outdoors and related activities.

Camps Change Opinions of Other Cultures

Humans tend to create opinions and outlooks towards people and situations based on their experiences with them. The contemporary world of TV and video games restricts a child’s interactions to information projected on TV shows and in games. Getting out of that framework and interacting with real people helps kids develop a healthier attitude toward other races, cultures, and backgrounds. A tolerant outlook is essential for young people to understand how other cultures think and behave to be able to live in harmony when they grow up. The respect that you ingrain in them today may lay the foundations of a peaceful world in the future.

Eco-Camps Teach Children How to Recycle

Even as you teach your children to segregate waste and recycle, summer camps could be a great first step in teaching youngsters on how to reuse the earth’s resources. As described on Bright Hub, such eco-camps conduct sessions where kids pick up skills in building and conserving. They have workshops on how to create energy from sunlight and wind, growing plants using seeds and natural manure, and constructing usable items out of waste, to name a few. Kids are encouraged to explore their imagination and come up with innovative ideas to use up every bit of the materials made available to them. You could also get a lesson or two on how to make bird feeders out of simple, everyday items, create sturdy papier mache crafts, or grow herbs on your windowsill.

Camps Teach Kids to Make the Right Choices

Why do we opt for organic food? Why do we
recycle? What is the impact of plastics on the earth? How can we change the
future of the planet? What are the choices we need to make today?

By shopping responsibly, recycling, and choosing greener practices, you do your bit to lower the impact on the planet. And, your kids watch and learn. Chances are that they don’t really understand the significance of those decisions. Eco camps answer questions about how to protect the earth. And, explain in simple terms how small actions can make a difference in the environment. AS your kids grow up, they’ll continue to follow your example and they’ll know why! The education they receive today will raise informed citizens who make the right choices to build a cleaner, greener planet in tomorrow’s world.

Camps Help Kids Resist Peer Pressure

As this collection on The Independent shows, new-age parents focus on buying eco-friendly toys and books. Materials like recycled plastic and paper, cloth, and wood are free of toxic chemicals and colors. Further, they won’t damage the environment at the end of their life cycle. Most important, you can donate the toys after your kids outgrow them because they’ll last a long while. Peer pressure can push children to want objects that their friends have or in the advertisements, they see on TV. Summer camps educate young people on why it is important to use toys that won’t harm the planet.

Stay camps and getaways can be wonderful learning experiences for young people where they develop a more rounded personality. Help your kids learn more about the world they live in while instilling self-reliance, resilience, and independence. They’ll learn to live without the constant presence of their parents and develop confidence in their abilities to do things. Sign up your children for summer camp and you could make the best investment for their future! And, of course, for the future of the planet too!

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