The AC Schnitzer Program for the BMW M2 Competition F87



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So if I did the tune there would be a warranty with it? The tune takes to 500hp correct? are there any other mods you need to have done before the tune (I know people say to replace the crankhub) but is that even necessary with the warranty will you guys cover any damage done to a car that’s stock aside from the plug-in tune?

Crankshaft is covered:

Engine: Cylinder block, camshaft, tappets, valve rocker, timing gear, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, pistons, rings, con-rods, valves, valve guides, carburettor, crankshaft, crank case, oil cooler, sump, oil pressure switch, oil pump, air flow meter, air mass meter, sensors, bearings, fuel preparation system.

Note: Warranty only valid for vehicles not fitted with any other non-ACS aftermarket modifications on the motor, intake or exhaust emission. More info can be found here:…n_ges_engl.pdf

The AC Schnitzer Program for the BMW M2 Competition F87


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