The Next Frontier for Globalization is Borderless Exchanges


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Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, is an entrepreneur within the blockchain arena who means business, and has taken a huge stake in the digital currency ecosystem within the tiny country’s borders.  Nick recently authored a piece on technological innovations and the future of borderless exchanges, and he, as much as anyone else on the globe should know what that may evolve into.  Great read from a friend and visionary in the business.

 (Bill Taylor/ Fintek Capital)

“By Nick Cowan, Managing Director, Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group

Many of the most dynamic technological innovations in the last 25 years have promoted the idea of breaking down barriers, improving accessibility, and bringing the world’s citizens closer together than ever before. During this prolonged phase of globalisation, in which the transfer of information and data became borderless, the stock exchange model remained relatively stagnant. Traditional exchanges have been limited to geographies where they are licensed. This antiquated model, while firmly rooted in the capital markets realm, doesn’t have to be the standard we settle for. The incorporation of blockchain technology has the potential to remove barriers between stock exchanges, enabling stocks that are listed on one exchange to be accessed by traders on another exchange in a different jurisdiction. So how do we reach this new frontier? Well, I’m pleased to say we are already en route, given the steps that have been taken to incorporate Distributed-Ledger-Technology (DLT), specifically blockchain, into the traditional stock exchange model in recent years.

As a long time advocate for the adoption of new technologies in financial services, I have always been convinced of blockchain’s potential to help build an exchange model fit for a new generation of traders and investors. Blockchain has earned its stripes as a mechanism to address the longstanding industry inefficiencies confronting the traditional stock exchange model, such as intermediaries and transaction delays. However, innovation doesn’t stop there. The technology is tailor-made for directing the future of stock exchanges, changing the trading game as we know it, extending the reach of investment opportunities wider than previously imagined possible…”

Full Story by Nick Cowen at

The Next Frontier for Globalization is Borderless Exchanges


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