The multimobility model: a new type of transportation


Innovation in the transportation sector historically has not come without controversy.

New, disruptive forms of mobility can cause confusion for consumers, and problems for legacy transportation. The rise of the auto created the decline of the streetcar; Uber users might have been initially skeptical to enter a stranger’s car, but the popularity of ride-hailing has led to less public transportation use. Currently, scooters and scooter-makers have moved and expanded so quickly within the last year that they’re inducing major headaches for cities trying to regulate them.

But what if all of these forms of transportation could work together? 

Alisyn Malek, COO and co-founder of May Mobility, Inc., came to VERGE 18 in Oakland, California, to talk about how a collaborative, multimodal system could work for both cities and citizens — as well as the climate. 

As the transportation sector’s emissions continue to rise, reducing emissions is already proving to be a critical challenge. Can multi-mobile companies disrupt the sector to meet that challenge? 

Watch here.

The multimobility model: a new type of transportation