Artificial Intelligence Creeping into the Game of Golf


Artificial Intelligence has been enhancing our understanding of most sports. The analytics field has gone from being made fun of to one that is incredibly competitive. Now, it’s entering into club development in golf.

It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence entered into the way clubs are being designed. Why wouldn’t we be using computers and A.I. to help us make better clubs?

Callaway has been at the forefront of interesting decision making when it comes to making golf clubs. They paired with Boeing to create the XR and XR16. It’s what I’ve used for three years or so, and it’s an incredible driver.

Now, they are using A.I. to create a club face, in the hoped of making the most effective and efficient one yet. The result? You may have heard of it, and its called Flash Face. I’ve heard it mentioned in passing, and talked about in advertisements on different podcasts i listen to. I never heard much more until a buddy of mine recently mentioned it.

Callaway came up with Flash Face technology, and it’s likely that they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the assistance of artificial intelligence. Think about how much faster computers are able to compute. Their program was able to run 15,000 prototypes in three weeks. According to them, their regular R&D team with regular computers would’ve taken a little bit longer to come up with that many. 33 years and 51 weeks longer.

With all the simulations that A.I. are able to run, it’s no surprise that they came up with something that is top of the line, and has the potential to become the top club out there. It is pricey, running at just over $500. A new driver can range from $300 to $500. Or higher if you are going for a 4 or 5 star Honma driver. Callaway should have no issue selling a club that increasing the aerodynamics and launch speed of a ball.

It’s not just drivers that this is going to impact either. The technology can be applied to irons as well, leading to better spin control. Another aspect is increased club control. What scrub out there (or even those single digit handicaps) wouldn’t love to have a club with better control.

Down the road, this is something that is going to be introduced into putters as well. With the speed the simulations are able to run, coming up with a putter that is perfectly balanced, and that produces the cleanest putt possible doesn’t seem that far away anymore.

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A.I. is something that many grew up learning to fear. Skynet, anyone? In this case, it’s going to be something that improves that game of golf, and makes it more fun and interesting for all of those involved.

Artificial Intelligence Creeping into the Game of Golf