Nature Prescriptions Are a Growing Trend for Therapy


You know that feeling of satisfaction you have
after spending some time in nature? Some might even find it to be therapeutic.
Well, it turns out some doctors agree, and they’re even prescribing nature in
addition to pharmaceutical drugs.

Doctors in California are issuing nature
prescriptions for patients with high blood pressure, anxiety, heart disease,
depression, and even diabetes. This prescription may include spending time in
the forest, appreciating the sounds of nature and the feeling of sun and wind,
and getting more in tune with the planet.

Nature prescriptions are increasing in popularity. (Image from

This isn’t a complete substitute for
traditional health care but rather intended as supplemental care. However,
studies have shown that time spent in nature helps patients improve their
concentration, increase attention span, reduce their risk of depression, lower
stress hormones, and even lower blood glucose levels. Long story short: nature
helps the body find balance.

Doctors are even prescribing nature to those
who are experiencing financial or social struggles to help reduce their stress
levels and improve their overall happiness. REI has even donated $1 million to
an academic initiative called “Nature for Health,” which intends to research
the benefits that come along with having easy access to green spaces. The goal
is to give underprivileged communities and those who are underrepresented in
the outdoor community more access to green spaces

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a nature
prescription is that a doctor’s visit isn’t even required. Why not write
yourself one? Just step outside!

Take a hike. Spend time by a body of water and
feel its calming energy. Go to your local park. There are plenty of ways you
can easily spend more time outdoors. It’s free healthcare right outside your

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Nature Prescriptions Are a Growing Trend for Therapy