Bourbon Lovers Know to Look for the Mark of the Maker


A bottle of Maker’s is a thoughtful gift. The handmade Kentucky liquid is a favorite of bourbon aficionados from coast-to-coast, including Scarlett Johansson, who narrates the brand’s holiday spot.

The spot also features the song, “Good as Gold” by Moon Taxi.

The new work invites fans to discover how Maker’s Mark is crafted at its national landmark distillery in Loretto, Ky. This includes a first look at the limestone filtered lake from which Maker’s Mark sources its water, the single-family farm that produces corn and soft red winter wheat for Maker’s Mark and the iconic bottling line where the bourbon is sealed in red wax by hand.

“These days, it’s easy to be swept up in finding the most efficient way of doing things, but at Maker’s Mark, I’m proud to say that we’re making our bourbon the same way my grandparents did when they created it more than 60 years ago,” says Rob Samuels, Global General Manager and Chief Distillery Officer at Maker’s Mark. “We still hand-rotate every barrel, hand-cut every label and hand-dip every bottle – those are just a few of the ‘marks of the maker’ that give our bourbon its character.”

Maker’s Mark is also taking its handmade process at the distillery on the road, with a series of events called Maker’s Wanted. Highlighting the craftsmanship and commitment to doing things by hand, the Maker’s Wanted program will give people the chance to experience a piece of the Maker’s Mark distillery at local festivals across the United States.



Bourbon Lovers Know to Look for the Mark of the Maker