9 Great Tips to Secure Data in a Big Company


Protecting your personal data online is complicated enough, but when it comes data security inside a big company, we are talking about a whole new level of complexity. A couple of years ago, the World Quality Report of 2015-2016 listed security testing as the main priority and concern for IT companies around the globe. Things are even worse today, not just because big companies have begun to use external application to handle their workflows and processes, but also because their employees are bringing their personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets to work, which complicates the already complex security landscape even further.

On top of that, email is still responsible for over 92% of malware attacks, which is something that is exploited every day by hackers and cyber-criminals. If you have a big company which you would like to protect from data theft, here are nine great security tips that can help you keep it secure.

Use Strong Passwords

According Melissa Chambers, who works as a security specialist for BestEssayTips, implementing strong passwords in your company should be your first line of defence against cyber-attacks. While there are no hard and fast rules as to what constitutes a strong password, a good rule of thumb would be to make it a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and between eight and 12 characters in length. You should also make sure that each employee has a unique password for each of the devices and applications they are using.

Make Sure to Update Your Software Regularly

Regardless of how expensive your security applications are, they can only be truly effective if they are updated on a regular basis. Cybercriminals never take a day off, and neither should your security software. The same goes for other application software, as well as your operating system, which should be updated and maintained constantly.

9 Great Tips to Secure Data in a Big Company