3 simple steps to kick your social media addiction


Add up all the five or 10-minute bits of time you spend mindless scrolling Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc. and you might be embarrassed about how much of your life you waste on something that studies have shown makes us unhappy. Now imagine how many more hours you would have in your week to get the real work that matters to you done if you logged off completely.

Here, we’ve compiled some expert advice for curbing your addiction to social media, depending on what level of intervention you need.


Sometimes the obvious solution is also the best: Delete the apps from your phone. If everybody did, we’d reduce an incremental creep that makes it harder and harder to resist social pressure, says Ana Homayoun, author of Social Media Wellness.


Social check-ins during a few minutes of downtime can become second nature, says Homayoun. Apps like Flipd block time-sucking/time-wasting sites from your phone or computer either for a period of time you set—or for good.

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If your habit is bigger than you can handle on your own, enlist help. Ask a friend or partner to hide your phone for periods of time. Or become a born-again Luddite, joining the 23% of Americans who don’t own a smartphone at all.

3 simple steps to kick your social media addiction