Cheating Drivers Overtaking On Opposite Lane Meet Instant Karma… Police


When dealing with congested city traffic on a daily basis, chances are a dashcam is a good investment.

Fitting one to your car is a good idea: not only to have evidence in case you’re involved in a crash or a vandalism incident but also to capture crazy things happening in traffic.

We could say this Italian dashcam owner hit the jackpot when he left the camera running recently, although it looked like nothing really interesting was about to happen. After all, what could be worth recording in a boring bumper-to-bumper traffic?

Well, how about two cheating drivers getting instant karma? As the cammer’s car slowly advanced on a secondary two-way street, two drivers thought they were too “smart” to wait in line. Consequently, they decided to drive on the opposite lane to get ahead of the pack.

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We first see a black Mercedes-Benz C-Class and then an Audi A1 adopting this douchebag “tactic” to bypass the line of automobiles. Several seconds passed and it looked like the cheating drivers got it their way as they were nowhere in sight.

Obviously, we wouldn’t have shown you this video if that was the case. What followed was a complete embarrassment for the two drivers. As they continued to make progress by driving on the opposite lane, a swarm of police motorcycles pushed them back. More than ten bikes with their sirens wailing, mind you!

It was just a coincidence, but a happy one nonetheless for all the drivers who were patiently waiting in that line. As for the other two, it was probably the most shameful bit of reverse driving they ever had to do.

Cheating Drivers Overtaking On Opposite Lane Meet Instant Karma… Police