Low Bridge Claims Camper’s A/C Unit, Driver Doesn’t Seem To Care


We’re used to seeing trucks get “scalped” by bridges, but one thing we don’t see that often is the same thing happening to camper trailers.

The truth is some campers and RVs are ridiculously big but their drivers already know that. Consequently, they should pay more attention to road signs — if common sense is not among their strong points.

Still, when we’re talking about a bridge with a clearance of only 11 feet 8 inches (3.55 meters), things get more complicated. Such a bridge exists in Durham, North Carolina, and it has claimed hundreds of trucks and other high vehicles since its inauguration about a century ago.

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Even though the city installed “low clearance” signs several blocks before the bridge, as well as lights that flash when detecting vehicles that are too tall, accidents keep happening. According to reports, at least one vehicle a month falls victim to the bridge.

One of the most recent incidents was caught by security cameras on October 13, when an overheight camper trailer tried to cross under the bridge. In his defense, the driver slowed down as he saw the flashing warning just before the underpass. He somehow believed he could pull it off so he continued to slowly drive forward.

For a while, the “strategy” seemed to work – but that was only until the camper’s protruding A/C unit got smashed into pieces by the crash beam. The driver backed up, then carried on, destroyed A/C unit in place, as if nothing happened.

Low Bridge Claims Camper’s A/C Unit, Driver Doesn’t Seem To Care