Audi RS3 vs BMW M2 Competition vs Camaro SS 1LE



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I really wanted to buy the Audi. I need 4 doors, as a coupe is going to be a pain to deal with at times. I only had a 15 minute test drive in one, but it felt all wrong to me. I’m sure I would love one, but the initially impression wasn’t positive. I kept thinking “this can’t actually be $65,000”.

I do track days with some friends that have ZL1 and they are really fast on the track.

Would be very interested to know, what felt wrong about it? I’ve never driven an RS3. In concept, I really like the idea of 4wd – better grip, better launch, etc. But, from everything I’ve read, it kills the fun.

I still remember Davil’s comment that driving an Audi was like going to a luxurious 3-star Michelin rated restaurant, and being served white bread all dinner long.

Hell, you’ve inspired me to go to Audi dealership today and test drive an RS3 just to see what it’s like!

Audi RS3 vs BMW M2 Competition vs Camaro SS 1LE