Jonah Hill Mid90s promotion Instagram DM phone call


What: A marketing tactic that may prove as effective as it is time-intensive.

Who: Jonah Hill.

Why we care: The great challenge facing content creators in this aggressively abundant pop culture moment is cutting through the clutter and convincing people to watch your thing. There are just so many things and so many places to watch them. The phrase “Peak TV” has been around for years now, and the situation just keeps getting peak-ier. So if you’re extremely proud of your limited-release filmmaking debut, how do you prove to potential ticket-buyers that your thing is the signal and not just noise? First-time writer/director and unlikely fashion icon Jonah Hill has hit upon one unique solution: literal direct-to-consumer marketing.

One ardent Mid90s fan reached out to the filmmaker on his Instagram DMs recently, and (jokingly?) asked Hill to “call my mom” and try to persuade her to see the movie. As either part of his overall kitchen-sink approach, or sensing potential posts like this very one as a result, Hill happily agreed to make the call. (The tragedy is that we currently do not have access to audio from that call or confirmation he made the call.)

If you don’t care to DM the ascendant auteur but want to know more about Mid90s, watch a recent Fast Company interview with him below.

Jonah Hill Mid90s promotion Instagram DM phone call