Own replicas of the first 16 Hot Wheels and the display

Hot Wheels has been celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and a part of the celebration was a re-release of 5 of the original 16 cars. They were packaged in replica original packaging with Spectraflame paint and redline tires. But Hot Wheels has an even more impressive replica for the diehards: a replica of the store display from 1968 with all 16 cars.

It’s a big, beautiful display that, if full-size, would look perfectly at home at a contemporary national car show. The cars sit on their own platforms that arc and rise above them, and there’s a little city skyline in the background to complete the look. It’s also special in that it includes all 16 reproductions of the original cars, not all of which are available right now. The display even includes a little drawer to put the cars away if needed.

The display is extremely limited in availability, though. Only 1,500 will be made, and they’ll be offered to Hot Wheels Redline Club members first starting on November 6. Then, 36 hours later, people with Hot Wheels Collectors accounts will be able to purchase any that haven’t been sold. The displays are expensive, too. The retail price is $499.99. And just as a reminder, this is for a cardboard display, plus 16 cars that, if sold individually, would probably go for about $5.49 each based on the prices for the current 5 reproductions available.

Still, for diehard Hot Wheels fans, this is a pretty awesome collectible that might be worth the price.

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Own replicas of the first 16 Hot Wheels and the display