BMW 2019 Model Year Schedule



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Interesting that X1 and X2 go into production late this year. Maybe LCI coming?

i think that x1 lci will come next year, this gem had debut in 2015, 4yrs plus, its 2019, unless bmw doesnt make debut earlier than usual, with 3yrs cycle and gives us new x1 lci in this year..after this new x5 instead of lci x5, man could expect everything…

i still wonder wy, they did that with x5, officially it was due to “aging interior amd exterior design” of old x5, but IMO, f15 wasnt old at all, it was quite fresh on exterior, amd veerryyy fresh design in interior with floating screen like 7series, like 5series… and to be honest, new x7 from pictures seen and renders, to me looks like that car should be next x5 with those shapes of lights kidneys etc.

BMW 2019 Model Year Schedule