Sephora is selling “Starter Witch Kits” with tarot cards, sage, and a


Sephora is cashing in on the burgeoning witch economy.

Glossy reports that the perfume company Pinrose will sell a “Starter Witch Kit” for the little wannabe wiccan in your life. The nine-piece set, which will retail for $42, includes fragrances as well as various paraphernalia like tarot cards, bad-vibe clearing sage, and a rose quartz crystal. Basically everything necessary for the ultimate slumber party introduction to the wonderful world of witchcraft as practiced by the modern Goop reader.

Truly the only thing to add to the mix is a picture of patron saint Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a bespoke ouija board made from sustainable wood, and a coven of like-minded girls eager to try out the latest witchcraft wellness trend.

Sephora declined to comment but confirmed it will sell the kit.

[Photo: courtesy of Pinrose]

The starter kit will be available both in Sephora stores and online starting on October 5. Not only is that in plenty of time to get every little girl hexing by Halloween, but it’s more than enough warning for the Christian right to launch their inevitable boycott campaign. It’s also plenty of time for real wiccans to bemoan the mainstreaming of witchcraft.

If you can’t wait that long to join Lana Del Rey and one of the many Facebook group trying to hex President Donald Trump, head over to Amazon for an even more complete witch starter kit, albeit one without the pretty packaging and on-trend wellness vibes.

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Sephora is selling “Starter Witch Kits” with tarot cards, sage, and a